Amore Pacific Tailored Solution

Apr 3, 2019

We developed a prototype of the AMOREPACIFIC ‘Tailored Solution’ in 2017. After a limited customer testing phase, it is currently in the commercial development stage of the project. The program development will be completed in December this year and ‘Tailored Solution’ will be launched in the first half of next year.

At this moment, we are trying to apply various interactive technologies and designs to the program in order to integrate facial dimension measurement using 3D scanner, skin quality measurement using skin scanner and mask production using 3D printer within the program.

The artwork on this page used the actual algorithm that subdivides face to subparts based on the measured data from 3D scanner and Skin scanner.

You can see that the lines that subdivide the face into subparts are constantly moving according to the ‘perlin noise’ value. The Noise value is scaled by BGM's amplitude. Also, you can 3D orbit the viewport and zoom in / out with mouse.

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